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Barbaresco - Basarin Riserva DOCG

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Type of wine: red

Grape : nebbiolo 100%

Vineyards: Punset lays on the San Cristoforo hill, the tallest of the Barbaresco region. It hosts two MeGA, San Cristoforo and Basarin. This last area is known for the peculiarity of being very steep and exposed to the sun from south east to southwest.

The Basarin vineyards of Punset lay mainly on the southeastern side, on the upper part of the hill and a little part faces south. This allows a slow heating of the land during the day, tight to the sun rising which is perfect for developing fine tannins and fresh aromas.

Punset works organic, biodynamic and follows the Masanobu Fukuoka methods, so the land is always covered of grass, no cuts and work on it.

The production in year 2014 was 20% lower than allowed.


In year 2014 the harvest ended in the middle of October . The Barbaresco Basarin Riserva is made with spontaneous fermentation of indigenous yeasts and without using artificial temperature control. Grapes getting in from owned vineyards are always worked in the early morning, so they are chilled, as picking time is in October. This permits the fermentation starting gradually and in the best way. After being destemmed, grapes are put in cement tanks for starting the fermentation, which proceeds in traditional ways of fulling in the cap for as long as possible. In this vintage the winemaking took 32 days of soaking with skins.

Softly pressed out of the them, the wine went through the malolactic fermentation. When clean it started the wood aging in Slavonian oak casks where it laid for 30 months. After being bottled the wine refined average 30 months in bottle before getting to the market.

This makes the wine reaching the consumer in perfect balance, with nice silky tannins and beautiful expressions of the variety and, due to the freshness of the vintage, nices notes of dried roses and wood berries

At the same time, its aging potential is so long to make happy connoisseurs and great Barbaresco lovers.

Due to the long refining Punset gives to its Barbaresco wine, it is always realized with the additional appellation Riserva.


Punset was the first winery in the region to work organic starting in year 1982 and officially certified for the EU law in year 1991. Since year 1990 it practices biodynamic and work natural in the winemaking. In year 2007 the Masanobu Fukuoka agricultural practice had been added in the farming and avoids all kind of fertilization of the soil.

No animal products are used in the entire cycle and Punset Wines are Vegan Friendly, while sulfites are added just before bottling for maintain the perfect characters and giving the wine the possibility of aging in the time.


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