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Dolce Vita Wine Merchant exists to connect environmentally conscious family wine farms with fine-wine lovers throughout the United States.

We are committed to strong, open and cooperative partnerships that foster good will and growth.


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What is La Dolce Vita?

Far from notions of hedonism and indulgence of the past, La Dolce Vita of today is a state of mind and being. The sweet life is a quest for the happiness that arises from committing yourself to your dreams, whatever they may be, and seeing them through.

It is also the presence of mind to search for the lessons every moment offers. Understanding well that life’s abundance is found not only in noble pursuits but also in the simple pleasures of breathing fresh air, eating healthy food and spending time with family.

No country exemplifies this religion of Life more so than Italy. At a coffee bar, a family meal or watching the beauty and rigors of the harvest, the Italian spirit of shared experience is fully on display.

It is this shared struggle for beauty that Dolce Vita Wine Merchant commits to by connecting with family farms throughout Italy and sharing their passion and bounty with American enthusiasts. Be it the heroic viticulture of northern Italy to tales of rebirth as once abandoned territories are infused with passion and talent, these stories inspire us to listen closely and perhaps understand more fully the history of this
beautiful land if by chance recognize our own Dolce Vita.

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