Vigneti Repetto

Vigneti Repetto

Vigneti Repetto is a Winery based in Terre Derthona area, the protagonists of this venture are Gian Paolo Repetto and his wife Marina. Gian Paolo, born of a family of farmers and raised in the countryside, initially decided to devote himself to his passion for technology by founding a company operating in the sectors of engineering, but moving away from the countryside.

The values acquired during his youth in the countryside and shared by his wife, such as the ability to solve problems and the sense of community, have never ceased to remind him of his deep love for the land.

The call of home and the unique charm of the Tortona hills, where the vineyards meet the horizon, have done the rest, “Ancient Method Modern Technology” is the company motto who summarizes the thought of the vigneron and means respect for traditions with the use of the technique, which today allows us to respect nature in the vineyard and cellar, obtaining grapes of the highest quality, a primary requirement for getting a wine.

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