Tre Pile

Tre Pile

The Ghisolfi family has been producing quality wines from its vineyards for four generations, and in Bussia Soprana, one of the most prestigious wine-growing areas in the Langhe.
The work in the vineyard and in the cellar is carried out as it used to be, with love and passion; common thread between the generations.
Since 1852 the excellent quality and genunity of the wine and the professionalism and availability of the producer remain unchanged, always combined with the excellent relationships of honesty and trust intertwined with customers, many of whom are already linked to this tradition by their predecessors.

Ghisolfi Alberto, with his wife Conterno Loredana are the current holders of the baton and their company "Cantina Tre Pile", is done every year, participating in the fate of thousands of grapes of multiple varieties that are born in the arms of the Langhe and then relive and give us all their splendor in sinuous crystal glasses.

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Tre Pile

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