Poderi Garona

Poderi Garona

Proving that Italy is a land that never ceases to amaze, Poderi Garona takes us on a journey through the struggles of the 20th century and allows us to witness the rebirth of a once noble region.  Situated in the breathtaking area of Alto Piemonte, the property is one of ten denominations belonging to the Alto Piedmonte region of northern Italy. Home to only a handful of wineries within twenty-one hectares, Poderi Garona has thoughtfully restored and reestablished its family’s roots in an area long abandoned to the opportunities and lure of urban life. The entire property is located with the Monte Fenera National Park which was honored with Unesco World Heritage status in 2013.

Remaining true to Piedmont’s favorite son, Nebbiolo,(locally known as Spanna), wines are crafted on arguably Italy’s most diverse and dynamic soils whose primary composition is rose porphyry. The resulting wines offer elegance and firmness with searing acidity. Poderi Garona offers BOCA Doc, Rosso Tritone (a youthful and lively blend) as well as Rose and Grappa. Total production is 12K bottles.

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Poderi Garona

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