Bro’s Got a New Biz!

Bro’s New Biz!!

Yep, that’s right, my bro has a brand new biz with drains!!! – See his drain fixing / unblocking etc (I don’t quite now 100% what he does with drains) website. He sort of made it himself, too aye! Ok, well, it’s not ALL his biz, as he runs it with three of his other hard working mates, but close enough… And I’m MEGA proud. He’s really amazing – I’ve always looked up to him… Ugh, gonna cry if am not careful. From day one he’s been there for me, just like a caring third parent. He’s a lot older so it always felt like that and not so much as a bro. Now I’m older, it’s a little different but I’ll never forget his kindness and generosity of emotion, and even finance.

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so much mess!!!

Besides Wine…

Thoughts besides those relating to wine…

So I thought that I might add some personal thoughts to those that I have had besides those relating to wine…

It occurred to me earlier today that I have a blog! Hooray! This is something I have been thinking about for such a long time. I’ve been back and forth between yes and no and yes and no sooo many times. And then I woke up a few days ago and thought “why on Earth not?!”. I just needed to find the perfect web address and lo and behold, it was free – so I bought it up and here I am! Dinah Khan online and rambling! Hoorah!

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Life is Sweet, as is Wine!

Cheap Vs Expensive Wine… See bottom of post for more info!



A huge hello and warmest welcome to my brand new website! I’m Dinah and this is my fab new blog! 🙂

I have been a wine enthusiast virtually all my life. I truly love everything about wine; the colours, the flavours (of course), the aftertaste, the way wine has the wonderful ability to add spice and vibrancy to virtually any meal, and so on.

Life is sweet, and so is my love for wine. I plan to use this website to log my various encounters with new wines. This may be by drinking wines wit or without food, although I typically find that any meal tastes better with a fine wine, albeit the most appropriate fine wine with bouncy and clarity.
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