My Story

Celebrating 25+ years in the wine industry, my commitment to connect authentic winemaking families of Italy with equally passionate buyers in the US has come to life.

Having journeyed through Italy over the years, I was most inspired when interacting with dedicated farmers and winemakers who labor backbreaking hours perfecting their craft with endless devotion and drive. Dolce Vita Wine Merchant believes these devoted craftsmen deserve a place on the American table. I take great pleasure in acknowledging artisanal efforts and introducing these beautifully crafted wines to US enthusiasts.

With a Liberal Arts degree in History, advanced WSET and BU Certifications in wine studies and extensive experience in the areas of sales, sales management, US distribution and Italian Portfolio Management, my experience captures all aspects of import and distribution. I will commit to tirelessly bring you authentic, personally sourced wines from producers who cherish their land and life. 

The opportunity to combine my love of family, tradition, travel, wine and culture is one I cherish and take very seriously. This is truly La Dolce Vita and I am overwhelmingly grateful.